To want Otago Dairy Farmers to have Dairy Shed confidence 24 hours a day 7 days a week is a big ask and does the Daisee team actually walk the talk?

An independent researcher recently contacted some of the local farmers to gauge how committed Daisee is to ensuring this confidence and in particular how the preventative programs benefitted them. Their responses are below.

Chris & Sandra Campbell

Contract Milkers working in 2 x 54 Bail Rotary Sheds and are right into the ‘Daisee Preventative Programs’


We love the Just in Case – it’s bloody magnificent and we aren’t fixing things with hammers and nails now. I love the ‘Dairy Watch’ as I have 24 hour monitoring on the vat cooling system. If I’m off farm I just check my phone. The ‘Contaminate Safe’ sounds an alarm if the milk is going the wrong way and pays for itself very quickly and the ‘Cup saver’ is in one shed and there is a definite difference. I’ll have to get it in the other shed as well

Paul Tunnah

Farms in Clydevale and have a 54 bail Rotary and a 40 Bail Herringbone shed on 2 x sites.


Daisee will be there when I need them. They sell a great product and this gives me confidence. I take my hat off to them as they are changing and getting more professional. You can see it in the quotes now for upgrades and things. He even had a photo of my shed on the quote!

Peter Allan

Farms at Clydevale and has a 54 Bail Rotary Shed.


They installed the plant 4 seasons ago and it’s great. I can ring Jonny anytime and it’s not a problem. I got my ‘Just in Case’ 2 weeks ago and it seems like a good idea

Bryce McKenzie

Farms in the Pomohaka area with sons Warrick & Jarred and have a 54 bail Rotary built 7 years ago.


Daisee knows what’s going on over the whole farm. They understand the workings of our shed since they built it 7 years ago. They respond asap if there ever is a problem

Steven & Rhonda Bamford

Converted and built a 54 bail Rotary 3 years ago.


We picked these guys to do the shed as we felt the price was fair and they would do a good job and be good value in the long term. They are pleasant and obliging. The ‘Just in Case’ should be great value to have the bits on hand.

Tony Brock

Has a 40 bail Rotary in Stirling


Gary and the guys are pretty good at call outs when you need them and get on with it. The ‘Just in Case’ will be handy but I’ll probably get them to use it more than me.

Matt Hamilton

Manages a farm for Landcorp.


We put the ‘Cup Saver’ in last year and it has saved replacing a heap of cups and stoppages which may have been 1 or 2 a week before we had it in. It had to go away for a few days as it was accidentally damaged recently and we soon saw how valuable it is

Murray & Kay Bichan

Services the electrical on a Herringbone for the last 25 years, 50 bail Rotary conversion recently completed including Cup Removers, Teat Spray & Refrigeration


We picked Daisee because we wanted Waikato and our experience dealing with Jonathan and the team. The coordination was really good we are very happy

Terry Carr

Responsible for 3 x farms that include 1 x 50 bail Rotary and 2 x 54 Bail Rotary Sheds.


I have worked with these guys since 1997 and chose to build 2 sheds with them because they were local and would be more proactive to our requirements. I still use them because they stand behind their product

Paul Barton

Farms at Inch Clutha and has a 28 bail Herringbone shed.


Daisee give really good service, I like the Waikato product and they do a great installation and back up. I hardly ever have a breakdown and if I do they are down here really promptly. The ‘Just in Case’ is really handy as well

Neville Alderton

Farms in Tapanui and has a 54 bail Rotary 3. Conversion 54R Tapanui. Daisee have wired up 2 herd homes as well


We are a bit farther out than most and so have to plan well ahead. The ‘Just in Case’ is a good idea and when we need them to come out they are on the case

Harry & Jeanette van Woerden

Converted and built a 50 bail Rotary Shed 14 years


Occasionally things need replaced or there is an emergency but they are really good on the phone and sort a lot of things as well. The ‘Cup Saver’ has made a difference and the ‘Just in Case’ handy but we haven’t needed it too much as things are going well

John McLean

New to Dairying with a 36 Bail Rotary near Milton


I’ve had a few teething problems and I initially thought these guys were just electricians but they are way more than that. They have been very obliging and practical in helping to coach me to understand my plant and help me even outside of business hours

Mark Diver

Have been supported by Daisee crew for the last 2 seasons near Milton and has a 40 aside Herringbone


I started working with Daisee when I took over the farm 2 seasons ago as they have the history with the shed. I have a ‘Just in Case’ coming and it should be really handy.

Tony Hughes

Has a 20 year old shed 50 bail Rotary but with a number of technical improvements including; Cup Removers, Protrack, Heat Detect, Auto Teat Sprays and recently a new Vacuum Pump.


The service we get is really good, they are extremely helpful. We used to use them just for Sparkie work but they do everything now. There is a ‘Just in Case’ going in shortly which should be really good.

Brendon Atkins

Operates a 38 aside Herringbone installed 14 years ago at Inch Clutha and last year installed Dairy Watch on his refrigeration Plant.


I have worked with Daisee in the past on other farms and they are always there when I need them, and stay till the job is done. The Dairy Watch has been absolutely brilliant. It keeps me informed, I can talk to it from wherever I am. It is hooked up to my refrigeration unit and water cooler that we have also installed a flashing light. It has taken the pressure off and I sleep at night a lot better now.

Murray Illing

Has worked with the Daisee crew for over 10 years in the area and now has a 42 bail Herringbone installed 2 seasons ago.


The boys are outstanding to deal with and respond whenever I ring. I’ve got a ‘Just in Case’ coming which is a bloody good idea and you only pay for what you use.

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