Swing Arm

Waikato Swinging Arms will work for you today and can be upgraded for tomorrow.

Easily changing the cups from side to side, achieving good cluster alignment and improving udder health is what Waikato Swing Arms are all about. Compact and uniquely styled, Waikato Swing Arms are available in three different con?gurations.

A standard model simply lets you move the cups from side to side and has no cup remover facility. A second more sophisticated model allows you to use either new or existing cup removers in conjunction with the arm and a third, more highly speci?ed model, is supplied with the cup remover ram built into the arm itself.

Three model variants provide purchasing ?exibility and are priced to suit most budget levels. Each model is upgradeable to a fully featured version including a modi?cation that allows SmartD-TECT to be employed. A 60-degree angle from the centre of the pit to the milking position ensures correct cluster alignment and a centre stop locates the arm in a position ready for washing. Align your cups properly, milk more efficiently and get rid of excessive pit clutter.

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