BailMate - Controlling the animals on your rotary platform has never been easier. BailMate rams have been designed to operate with either ULTIMATE or SMART ECRs. Their purpose is to lower and raise a BailGate when the cup removers are activated.

Powerful 75mm vacuum or electronic rams are available to match the model of Waikato cup remover you have chosen. On Elite and New Zealand Wuantum rotary platforms BailGates are optional, however the platform bails are set-up at the time of manufacture to make the installation of both BailGates and BailMate rams quick and easy.

  • 75mm stainless steel ram
  • Snap-on end caps
  • Vacuum or electronic options available
  • Custom bracketing systems for Elite and New Zealand
  • Quantum rotary
  • Platforms
  • Low maintenance - long life product
  • Can be mounted in positions suitable to control most bail
  • gate styles
  • Stainless steel rope guides
  • Nylon cords

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