SMART Electronic Cup Remover (ECR)

A SMART electronic cup remover is a sophisticated and versatile electronic cup remover. Designed primarily for rotary application, SMART ECR OFFERS value solutions to issues typically associated with rotary operation and usually resolved only with expensive high-end automation.

The processing power of a SMART ECR system allows you total control over such things as BailGate function, Cluster drop/lift, Kick off alert and maximum unit on time.

SMART ECR has standard features that include Milk sweep, Global wash mode, Global programming and Systems Diagnostics. SMART ECR is a CAN enabled product capable of integrating with other plug and play devices.

Totally programmable, totally flexible and so advanced, SMART ECR is definitely at the front of the pack.

  • 75mm stainless steel rams
  • Snap-on end caps
  • Pre and post milking delay - adjustable
  • Milk flow sensitivity - adjustable
  • BailGate operation - selectable and adjustable
  • Milk sweep - selectable and adjustable
  • Maximum unit on time - selectable and adjustable
  • Ezy Pull-down
  • Global programming
  • CAN enabled - plug and play
  • Systems diagnostics
  • Programmed from a laptop or Master Controller
  • Stainless steel rope guides
  • Nylon cords

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