Teat Cup Remover Vacuum Operated - TCR

Automatic teat cup removers (TCRs) are like having an extra pair of hands in the shed. The cup remover will accurately determine the end point of milking and remove the clusters safely and efficiently.

TCRs arevacuum operated and well proven over many years of use around the world. Easy to install and simple to maintain with few moving parts.

  • A cost effective solution to cup removal.
  • Simplicity, one touch operation.
  • Reliability proven over many years.
  • Vacuum operated.
  • Retrofittable onto any milking machine.
  • Powerful 80mm double purchase ram.
  • Can be semi or fully automatic with the addition of the re-set automator.
  • Easy to service.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Quick snap clip for cluster protection.
  • Spare cord and clip with each ram.

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