Timed Take Off - TTO

Specifically for rotary application, TTOs are different from traditional cup removers. They are controlled by time rather than milk flow. By setting the end point of milking to match the approach of a cow to the exit of a rotary platform, the cups will be removed regardless of the milking stage of the animal. We call it one point take off. The range of a TTO controller is between 3 1/2 minutes and 8 1/2 minutes and can be adjusted in 5 second increments. For those who dont want cows entering a second rotation, TTOs are the answer.

  • 80mm PVC rams
  • Robust surface mount electronics
  • Built in mounting system
  • Delay mode lowers cluster vacuum before take off (XTRA delay model only)
  • Low maintenance
  • Stainless steel bail switches
  • One point timed take off (TTO model only)
  • Global command from Master Controller
  • Stainless steel rope guides
  • Nylon cords
  • Bayonet style quick release end cups

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