The ULTIMATE Delay with Soft Retract, Ezy Pull-down and AutoStart has the same general specifi cations as its predecessors and is suitable for all installations. AutoStart has been added to this model, further enhancing its performance.

AutoStart has been designed to automatically apply vacuum to the cluster the moment you take hold of the claw. AutoStart allows one-handed operation, no switches, no buttons - simply take hold of the claw and apply. AutoStart will speed up the milking process and greatly ease the cupping burdon on an operator.

  • 75mm stainless steel ram
  • Snap-on end caps
  • Pre and post milking delay - adjustable
  • Milk fl ow sensitivity - adjustable
  • Soft Retract - adjustable ram retraction speed
  • Pre and post milking time delay setup
  • AutoStart
  • Ezy Pull-down
  • Stainless steel rope guides
  • Nylon cords

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