Jet 251M volt[MV] 1.85 K.W

Self-priming centrifugal pump with excellent suction capacity even when there are air bubbles and small particles of sand in the water. Used especially for supplying water to domestic installations. Ideal for use in small-scale agriculture and gardening, limited industrial services and wherever self-priming operation is necessary.

Constructional features of the pump: 
Cast iron pump body and motor support.
Motor support in die-cast aluminium for Jet 62-82-102-112-92-132.
Technopolymer impeller, diffuser, Venturi tube and sand guard.
Stainless steel pressure discs.
Carbon/ceramic mechanical seal.

Constructional features of the motor: 
Induction motor, closed and cooled with external ventilation.
Rotor mounted on oversized greased sealed-for-life ball bearings to ensure silent running and long life.
Built-in thermal and current overload protection and a capacitor permanently in circuit in the single-phase version.
Three-phase motors should be protected with a suitable overload protection complying with the regulations in force.
Manufactured according to CEI 2-3 and CEI 61-69 standards (EN 60335-2-41).
Motor protection: IP44
Terminal box protection: IP55
Insulation class: F
Standard voltage: 
single-phase 220-240 V/50 Hz
three-phase 230-400 V/50 Hz

  • Operating range: from 0.4 to 10.5 m3/h with head up to 62 metres
  • Liquid quality requirements: clean, free from solids or abrasive substances, non viscous, non aggressive, non crystallized, chemically neutral, close to the characteristics of water.
  • Liquid temperature range: from -10°C to +35°C for domestic use (EN 60335-2-41) from -10°C to +40°C for other uses
  • Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C
  • Maximum operating pressure: 8 bar (800 kPa)
  • Installation: fixed in a horizontal position
  • Special executions on request: other voltages and/or frequencies

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