Frontier Dairy Herd Management Systems

When you need to know as much as you can to make the right management decisions, you need a Frontier Dairy Herd Management system. Production information taken at every milking from every cow is recorded in a central database developed specifically to provide valuable alerts and reports that let you make the right decisions.

A Frontier Dairy Herd Management System uses a combination of milk yield and cow activity to determine the health of an animal, the result of feed changes to production, to tell you those cows in heat and identify those who are not performing to your benchmark, automatic drafting can be selected by the operator or triggered by the machine. Actually, there's not much you can't do when you have a Frontier Dairy Herd Management System.

Typically your cows will have Pedometers around their back leg, this device measures the activity of an animal. Pedometers, in combination with electronic milk recording, provides the means for Frontier to make its own decisions against precursors already set by you. Pre-loaded with existing herd information, data is added at every milking as cows are identified when entering the platform, building a complete history over the entire life of each animal.

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