SupaFlo Centrifugal Milk Pump

Models – 1.5kW / 2.2kW

The Waikato Milking System SupaFlo Centrifugal Milk Pump has two motor size options to suit various installation requirements. This milk pump has a stainless steel construction with polished surfaces which ensures there are no traps for solid build up

The SupaFlo Centrifugal Milk Pump has a cast, six blade, highly polished impellor and a Silicon Carbide – Carbon Seal for longer service life. This milk pump also has a stainless steel non return valve spring loaded for vertical or horizontal operations.

This milk pump can be supplied with or without a simplified drain. This tubular drain allows automated drain of the head and valve. This milk pump also offers shaft protection with a mesh guard, which allows generous air flow over the drive shaft whilst providing protection against personal injury.

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