Designed to meet the demands of today's dairymen and women a Waikato Rotary milking system is the key to milking large numbers of cows quickly and efficiently.

Two deck widths - Feed systems - Frontier Dairy Herd Management and a vast range of milking equipment allows you the scope to develop a milking solution best suited to your needs.

Building rotary platforms is our business

Rotary Platforms NZ Limited is a subsidiary company of Waikato Milking Systems NZ Limited. Quality assurance is measured every step of the way. Factory engineered and meticulously built platform kits are continuously scrutinised through production to installation. Care is taken to ensure the best quality product is delivered to your farm.

Smart Fit - mounting systems

Every Waikato Rotary platform is fitted with a Smart Fit mounting system. Machine installation is carried out with ease and efficiency. Securing the equipment under your rotary platform is paramount to the ongoing performance of your milking machine. Strong, stainless steel brackets and clamps allow for the rigors of continuous expansion and contraction. We take mounting systems seriously and provide strong reliable products that will last and last.

A good mounting system is as important as the foundations under your house.

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