Waikato MK2 Pulsator

The MK2 automatic vacuum operated pulsator is a simple and reliable pulsation system providing ongoing service without expensive maintenance. The Waikato MK2 pulsator is designed to operate two sets of clusters in simultaneous 4+0mode, and with bayonet mounting, the MK2 pulsator is quick and easy to install.

  • 4+0 configuration
  • Mounting options up to 100mm
  • Adjustable rate and ratios
  • 1 Pulsator for 2 sets of cups
  • Unique silicone diaphragm and valve seat
  • Systems vacuum operated with simple rate and ratio adjustment
  • Model for goat milking available
  • Filtered air optional
  • Standard clamps designed to mount onto 50 mm SS pipe
  • Multimounts available for larger pulsator airlines

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