Smart Link

SmartD-Tect and Protrack Vantage linked via SmartLink wireless control network

SmartLINK is a new product from Waikato Milking Systems designed to connect SmartD-TECT to LIC Protrack Vantage. Using a remote wireless interface, Protrack responds to messages sent to it from individual SmartD-TECT bail sensors.

Connecting both systems in this way has significantly expanded the capabilities of each. SmartD-TECT will automatically find the animals with possible mastitis problems - those found to be above the pre-set threshold levels set by the farmer. Protrack will electronically identify and automatically draft these to a holding pen ready for physical inspection after milking.

Saving “Event Data” to Minda is another benefit previously not possible. SmartD-TECT can report on an individual cow basis or on a whole herd average depending on how the system is set-up.

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